You have to trade bear markets differently than bull markets

Bear markets are different than bull markets. So, to make money, you need to change your strategy.

 One significant difference is that the move much quicker…much quicker. A bear market can wipe out in 2 months what a bull market might take a year to build.

 So you techniques have to adapt to the change. You can’t use the same techniques to make money in bear markets as you do in bull markets.

 You need to adjust your strategy.

 For example, everybody knows that I love a technical called Channel Breakout. You basically create a channel around the current price action and buy when it breaks the top of the channel and sell when it breaks the bottom of the channel. My normal channel is 55 days. It works great!

 But you need to change this in a bear market! You have to be much more nimble.

 Yet everybody doesn’t make these changes and therefore are caught with their pants down.

 My new How To Make Money In Bear Markets course shows you how to make those changes.

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Good trading,
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