You have officially blown my mind!

I love getting letters like this. They really are the reason I do this!

Hey Courtney,

You have officially blown my mind!  Yesterday’s sessions of the 2-Day Income Course were eye-opening to say the least.

I’ve been trading options exclusively since May.  I dug myself a hole, but have steadily been filling it back in during the month of October—after becoming an OU PhD student in the middle of the summer.  I thought my returns were a little insane (ie, 30% ROI in one day on October 27); but, I figured I could “probably make it” as a professional options trader by sometime in 2019, even if I made a fraction of those kinds of returns.

I stepped up to your challenge to write out and CALCULATE my goals and scrounge to find ways to add to my trading account.  Last evening, I sat down at 8:15 p.m. ET after the course had ended for the day and sharpened my pencil.  I lifted my head up from my calculations at 1:00 a.m. – with my mind officially blown!  I kept trying to poke holes and challenge all of my excel formulas, but it kept working out to roughly the same numbers despite how I tweaked them.

Life altering decision – homelessness is the path for me!   With the equity in my home freed up by August of 2018, I will be able to trade to earn a livable income immediately and reach my ‘lifestyle’ goal income within 3 years.

Whooohooo!  And, thanks for being such an entertaining instructor!  Even sitting at home watching the webinar at my desk with distractions all around me, the day flew by as I was glued to the screen.



Here is the link if you are interested in taking the course she was raving about. Click here to register.

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  1. Steven Brand says:

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