Would you like to see the future? Only a few remain.

One of my key tools for making money trading is the Stock Trader’s Almanac. This amazing book has been sold for decades and I have a collection of them going back decades!

It tells you the odds that the market will go up daily, weekly and monthly.

Don’t you think you could make more money knowing the odds that the market will go up? Don’t you think you could cut your losses if you knew that the market usually drops in the near future.

There is incredible power in this book.

Here’s the deal

I have a bunch of the 2019 Almanac and I’m selling them for $3.97 which doesn’t even cover the shipping!

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This book sells for $29 on Amazon so this is an insane deal!

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Good trading,


P.S. Please order quickly because I only have a few in stock. Click here now!

P.S.S. United States only Shipping.  No International orders, please.


Courtney Smith
Options University

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