How Words Affect Your Trading

Words are powerful. Words are magical.
But the map is not the territory and the menu is not the meal.
Count Alfred Korzybski found the science of semantics back in the 1920’s. Wikipedia says, “Semantics is primarily the linguistic, and also philosophical, study of meaning.”
We use words in our mind when we think of something. We have the word “dog” in our mind when we think of a dog. It is well known that people who speak several languages will dream in one of those languages.
Our concepts of things are affected by the words we use. For example, the fight about abortions are led by people who are Pro-choice and Pro-life. Both sound great! Who is against choice? Who is against life?
So it is important that we use words that are truthful and reflect reality. We, as traders, must be reality based. Deviations from reality can get costly quick!
The more realistic we are the more profit we are likely to make. So the words we use can be of high value in our trading. Let’s take a look.
For example, we might say, after losing some money on a trade, that we got killed. Of course we didn’t get killed. This language makes us dramatize the effect of the loss. We have elevated it to the highest level possible.
What is the effect of that? You become more emotional about losses. They become much more anxious about losses. You flinch when you have them. Actually, you flinch before you put the trade on.  None of this helps you make money and, in fact, it is definitely going to hurt your trading.
So what should you say? How about the exact truth with no value judgement? I lost $1000 in this trade. Very neutral words. A strict recitation of the facts.
By doing this, you will be much calmer about trading and more reality based.
This is one of the key techniques I learned to conquer myself to become a better trader.
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  1. I am guilty of this. In the beginning, you really didn’t want to be in my room when I blew a trade. The negativity was enough to create a black hole. That impact going forward or really, shutting down, therefore missing great return opportunities. Finally, with mentors & friends I now control negative words, very very few in even in a month. And when they show, they are low impact. More correction than self beating. Thus, watch your words because your subconscious is listening it acts in its nature to serve you, thus, negative breeds negative, positive breeds & feeds positive. The Mental Circuit is complete. It takes practice, so get started and be a positive trader, learn from mistakes & be better. Like Keith Cunningham says to repeat to yourself, “What I did right, what did I wrong & what can I do Better.” Trade the rules, rules control the trade & your super mind will celebrate your positives to being even Better. TY Uncle Courtney

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