Without This, You Will Lose Money!

Imagine yourself frustrated with the market. You buy and it goes down. You sell and it goes up.

You are confused about what is going on. You feel like your emotions are on a wild roller coaster ride and you don’t have your seat belt on!

You are constantly losing money. Then, you start to lose some money on a position and you can’t believe it. So you stick to the position but the loss keeps getting larger.  Finally, you have so much of your account that you quit in disgust.

I hear this story so often! It never fails to break my heart.

One of the main problems is that you are not using a system. You are using:

– Your guts

– What you heard on the news

– What your newsletter writer said

– What your uncle told you

– Your incredible intelligence and insight

But you didn’t have a system.

A system is a logical proven set of rules that you follow. It should be based on scientific back testing and real world experience.

A system helps to eliminate the emotional roller coaster because you are just effectively an order taker for the system.

It allows you analyze your performance rationally and to make well thought out changes to your trading.


I’d love to give you my system.

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