Will The Fed Take The Knife Out Of The Heart?

The Fed just raised interest rates by another quarter percent.

The Fed has raised rates to level not seen in a decade. The result of the Fed rate hike so far is to cause the US stock market to drop over 10%, crush emerging markets, damage global markets of developed markets, hurt global economies and push the world close to another financial crisis.

The Fed’s policy is now too tight. They must stop raising rates. Time for a pause if not a drop in rates.

They are saying they will be slowing down the rate hikes. Instead, they must stop.

Inflation is under control. The dollar is strong. Gold is stable. The economy is starting to cool. There is no need for them to continue the rate hikes.

Not only is the Fed raising rates, they are actually shrinking the money supply. This is a double whammy of tightening monetary policy! And it is having disastrous consequences around the world.

I am in the process of rewriting my Financial Crisis Report and will issue it probably next week. In the meantime, check out the current one by clicking here now.

You NEED to know what is going on! This is the biggest investment story of the decade.

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