I’ve recorded a short audio report for you to really understand the present and coming disaster of the current Fed policy. It’s scary!
It will help you understand the current situation. This policy is going to affect you personally!
Just press play below to listen to this short audio.

Good trading,

P.S. I’ve been around the world, literally, three times so far this year. Exciting but tiring! I’ve been able to go to South Africa for the first time and finally get to spend some quality time in Australia. I really liked them both but they are really different!

It was crazy seeing herds of kangaroos leaping across fields! It was otherworldly!

The bird life was also great, seeing wild parakeets and other super colorful birds.

I even took my life in my hands by driving on the wrong side of the road for the first time. Scary! Not for me but for all the other drivers on the road!
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2 Responses to Why ZIRP Is NUTS

  1. Wolfgang says:

    Am impressed that you consider the poor…

  2. Dano Quinn says:

    Good commentary Courtney! I always look forward to hearing your take on economy and policy. However, you don’t give us any hope that this can be changed. Is there anything we can do to try to affect the ZIRP policy?

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