Why Options Are Better Than Stocks

Imagine you go online to get your broker’s most recent statement. Imagine you open it up and you see a big profit! You were worried about making your rent and car payments.

But a big wave of relief washes over you.

You smile.

This can be the type of reality you can achieve by using options.

Options have some big advantages over stocks. If you are profitable trading stocks then you will turbo charge those profits using options. If you are unprofitable trading stocks then options may shift you into the profit column.

Here are just some of the advantages:

1. Small capital requirement. The most common reason that traders use options is that they require very very little money. You can buy great options for just $100-400. Far less than the amount needed to buy 100 shares of the stock. This means that you can have a big portfolio and a diversified portfolio.

2. Leverage. Each options controls 100 shares of stock. Yet you can buy many options for $100-500 while it would cost thousands of dollars to buy 100 shares of the stock.

3. Control risk. You always know the maximum you can lose when you buy options. You pay a premium for the option and that is your maximum risk. You don’t need a stop loss.

4. Super cool strategies. You can construct some mind boggling strategies with options and can dramatically enhance your profits.

There is really only one bad news with options and that is that you have to learn some extra knowledge.

I haven’t taught options trading for years but I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching my legendary Options Success School on October 7-8 in the WealthBuilder classroom in Las Vegas.

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Good trading,
Courtney Smith

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