Why Does Momentum Investing Work?

The concepts behind momentum investing are very powerful and can create massive profits trading forex, futures, and stocks. This video explains why momentum investing still works after 150 years of usage!

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7 Responses to Why Does Momentum Investing Work?

  1. Jean Hand says:

    Hi, Look forward to your next videos. Thank you.

  2. Nice explanation Courtney. Where do you think gold is? Do you think it is in a short term consolidation? The fundamentals seem to still be in place for the next bullish move yet is moving down/sideways.

  3. what is the objective of momentum investing? short term or long term? can it be used by individual investors?

    • courtneyds says:

      The objective is to make money!
      It can be used on all time frames and can be used by individual investors.

  4. Pete says:

    Is short covering one of the reasons for increased volume on the bull flag patterns used in your example or is it just traders with a long position getting smaller? Does it matter?

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