Why do I sell Trading Education?

I recently sent out a email for people to sign up for free training and there was pitch at the end of the four days of education for a great course we offer called How To Quit Your Job Trading Stocks And Options.

Jim wrote back, “If you have done so well, why are you trying to sell training? Shouldn’t you be concentrating on trading?”

Here’s what I wrote back: “First, I trade every day! Subscriber to my services see my actual trades every single day. But that only takes a few minutes every day.

Second, No! I shouldn’t concentrate on trading only! I started this company 10 years ago to share my knowledge so people could also gain financial freedom. I actually lose money on this business!”

But I thought I would go into detail for you, valued readers.

I traded for big institutions for decades but quit all that about 15 years ago. I had enough of big companies. I made a lot of money, learned a lot, and won a lot of awards.

But I really felt that I had taken that career as far as it could go. I had been the Chief Investment Officer of  mutual fund company and treasurer of a Swiss bank. I mean, there are any higher job titles in the trading business.

So I became semi-retired. I went all around the world. I moved to two places in Europe. I moved to Singapore.

Of course, I traded my own account and even some customer accounts during this time period.

But something was bugging me.

I had worked for massive financial institutions. Household names. But do you think they were focused on helping their customers make money trading? Of course not.

This bugged me.

I looked all over the world and saw that the average person was in financial desperate straights. They didn’t have enough money for retirement. And so on.

So I decided to teach people the deep knowledge that I have. I decided to share what I know with people who really need it. So I started an education business.

And I’ve been teaching now for 10 years!

I love it! I truly do.

I don’t do it for the money. I actually lose money on this business. I have to subsidize it every year.

Jim, I’m not totally motivated by money. I have other values.

So I continue to teach. Because I love it and because people need it.

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One Response to Why do I sell Trading Education?

  1. Courtney loves sharing with adoptive family, yes, I consider Courtney as an Uncle. Solo trading is a very lonely business. Money is great but it does not love or offer friendship, how it is you used does. People are always who they are no matter is poor or rich, good people are good & others, well we will say, always be who they are. Givers in sharing knowledge, money and/or connections is seen everyday. Just today Eli Board was featured in the LA Times for the 4.4 Billion he has put out for good causes. Courtney is in the same mind set. But “You say he charges.” True, so does Eli Board to his museums & research, why? Free only goes do far before the lights are turn off, everyone loses and there is always opportunist that ruin it for everyone else. So, admission is your proof of commitment. Don’t pay, don’t go & go waste precious time on something else. Let those that wish to have an Uncle like Courtney or have any other Mentor to their career path & success proceed positively. Thank You Uncle Courtney

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