Why Buy Gold Now

Gold has been up strong lately and I believe it will go even higher. Here’s why:

This is the seasonally best period of the year for gold. Gold has rallied over 85% of the last 30 years in the month of August. Of course, it could go down but the odds are strongly in our favor.

The dollar is collapsing. Gold is really a type of currency. For centuries, it was currency. Technically it is just a metal but people around the world flock to gold when other currencies are going down. It is a hedge against governments inflating and destroying their own currency.

As the dollar collapses, more money will flow into gold.

But gold is also in a bull market in other currencies so that will also support gold.

Commodity prices are in a bull market and that will translate into higher inflation down the road. Commodity prices tend to be a leading indicator of inflation. Inflation is just another way of saying that the government is degrading the currency. As discussed above gold is a hedge against governments degrading their currency.

I did a live webinar yesterday where I went into detail on my outlook for gold.

You can view a replay here.

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