Which Of These Two Types Of Trading Should You Do?

You can divide trading into two styles. High speed trading or relaxed/focused trading.

You’ve probably seen the pictures and videos showing traders shouting into phones, “buy!”, “sell!”. They are hyperactive and yell all day.

The second type of trading is relaxed. You go to your computer, focus for 15 minutes, put in your orders, and walk away for the rest of the day to do what you want.

I’ve done both. Both can be very profitable.

I’ve been in a room of screaming maniacs. Heck, I WAS one of those screaming maniacs. I did that for minimum 12 hours a day, 50 weeks a year!

But then I got smart and shifted to making money using relaxed/focused trading. I started to lengthen the time I held trades from minutes to days and weeks. Yes, I had to hold positions overnight.

That bothers some people because they don’t like that risk.

I realized that I could accept that risk. I realized that much greater profits came with that risk. Day trading can never have a trade with life changing profits. Position and Swing Trading can.

I realized that I really enjoyed day trading but got burned out after a while. Naturally, burning out came more frequently as I got older.

My values changed also. Before, I wanted to trade. It was an end in itself. The process of trading was fantastic to me.

Now, I like the benefits of trading more than the trading.

I like the freedom to live where I want. I like the time freedom. I am disciplined and do my trading at the same time every day. But, other than that, I can sleep til noon or party all night.

I’ve got two things that can help you achieve this goal.

I’ve put together an online course that teaches my techniques called How To Quit Your Job Trading Stocks and Options. It reveals some of my core techniques that will help you get the life you truly want. I know you would profit tremendously from the course. Click here to learn more. I’ve created a 4 part free video training that explains it and actually reveals a super cool technique.

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I’ve also put together a daily advisory service called Smith’s Stock Swing Trader. I give my actual trades every day that only take a few minutes a day to put in. So it is perfect for creating a global freedom lifestyle. You can get more info here.

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