Urgent! Bear Market Coming!

One of my most important leading indicators of a bear market is flashing a danger signal.

Interesting Image

The chart above shows the yield curve which is simply what interest rates are at various times of ending. So it says 2Y at the bottom and that shows the interest rate for treasury notes that mature in 2 years.

As  you can see, the nearby end of the yield curve has turned negative. This is one of the most powerful indicators of a major bear market and recession in about a year.

Every bear market and recession has been led by this trigger since WWII. No exceptions. Period.

That is a strong statement. A perfect record.

But that means that we have a dire world coming up in about a year.

It means that there will be a major bear market where the stock market will drop by at least 20% and likely more like 50%.

It means the US economy will drop into recession. Jobs will be lost. Companies tank. The debt bomb will explode.

This will be a global catastrophe.

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