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  1. jorge ismael velez says:

    Hi Couthney

    I have bought your book this afternoon by Kindle in Amazon. It´s great and in my personal opinion it is not a book to read and to put in yor office, it has to be in your bedrom behing you to read and read, time after time. My English it´s no good son first i have to apologize about my gramar. English it is not my first language.

    I live in Quito, Ecuador, South AMerica. Maybe in your great trips you have visited Galapagos, or maybe Ecudorian jungle or maybe the moutains in Ecuador. If you have not, I recomend you. Great place on Earth.

    I hope to continue your amazing story in your book, because i love to trade. In my future plans I want to be in a tradin for living, (not in the opposite line) and spend the most of my time with the great gift that God gave me in this life… my two kids.

    Well, In the future I spect to be in a seminuarium or attending and event. Hope to meet you in 2011, until that date my “homework” has to be done, my ideas clarified and my soul in a correct position to obtain what I am looking to.


    Ismael Velez

  2. zubir salleh says:

    I attended the 18/19 Sep. course in KL. During the course, you told us that there will be advance course we could attend in Spore in January 2011. When is that, is it on 22/23 January ?

  3. gm stratton says:

    In the newbie webinar you mentioned something about the options course being taught using webinars. Do you have any additional information on when you will be doing this?

  4. Louisa says:

    hi.. i heard that you will be offering the stocks course soon but i will need to take the first course since the stocks course is in addition to it.. can you provide more details please? thank you!

    louisa from singapore

  5. lawrence says:

    Good Day,
    I have a question, any different with the The Ideal Business Seminar
    Futures and Forex and the Max Futures Profits membership. Do I have the invitation to Mastermind Seminar when i sign up on this Max Futures Profit membership.

    Lawrence from KL

    • courtneyds says:

      Alumni of any of the Ideal courses receive a FREE invitation to the next Mastermind Seminar.

      • Lawrence says:

        Good Day,

        What is the benefit that i get when sign up Max Futures Profits membership are there any different ?
        When i sign up the Max Futures Profits membership and learn your way and follow your rules can I Make a Living Trading FOREX as your book says ?
        How can have FREE Max Futures Profits membership as stated in web site ?
        Any plan of having Ideal course in KL for 2011 ?



    • MY says:

      Hi Lawrence,

      Have you attended Courthey Smith trading class before? Just wondering those that teaches in the class can be used in KLSE stock? I’m thinking to attend his trading class. Please share your experience.


      MY – KL

      • courtneyds says:

        Everything but the fundamental analysis can be used in all markets. The problem with the Malaysian market is the lack of good fundamental info. Thanks!

      • Lawrence says:

        Hi MY,

        I have not attended any of the seminar but you can learn many ideal from his book . I have learn his trading rules from book and some from friends .


        Lawrence – KL

  6. cindy says:

    At MMI Boston I signed up and paid for the 2 day freedom trader intensive June 3-4 2011 Los Angeles is this event still going on? Also you offered 4 webinars in the months prior to…are those going on? I would like jump on board ASAP…thanks

  7. cindy says:

    I called peak potentials they didn’t have any info on event or webinars…please advise

  8. Micaela Cook says:

    Hi Courtney,

    I listened to your call with Harv the other day where you mentioned your stock trading program (15 minutes a day, emails with daily instructions of when to buy/sell) – I would love to sign up but I wasn’t sure if that is only offered through MMI or if I can begin through one of your other courses?

    Thanks so much!!


    • courtneyds says:

      The call is really about an exciting new program that I put together for Harv. But you can only buy it through his company Peak Potential. Please go to their site to sign up.

  9. Dolores says:

    Hi Courtney,
    I am looking at the courses you offer and I noticed that you have Financial Traders Intensive seminar at Orlando Florida on June 25-26, 2011. I registered with Peak Potentials Financial Traders Intensive seminar at Orlando Florida on June 24-25, 2011. You are the speaker on the Peak Potentials seminar. Is this the same seminar which you are offering? I am confused because there are two different dates which there is an overlap on June 25. Can you please clarify? Thank you.

  10. Benjamin says:

    Hi Courtney I note that you are having a seminar in Australia from July 28-31. The website does not have a link for this event, so i’m wondering whether it’s still on, and where it will be held. How do I register for it? Thanks.

  11. KHATY says:

    Hi Courtney, I can see in your coming events that you are going to be in Vancouver on September 19 with the course Money Shows it’s that right….Can’t wait. Thank you

  12. Lawrence says:

    Any plan of having Ideal Course for Forex in KL for 2011

  13. Jesse says:

    Hello Courtney,
    Can you tell me where I can find more information on the Options Trading class coming up in July. Thank you.

  14. Paul says:


    Are planning on doing any more training courses with Harv Eker? Like the ones you did in Orlando and Los Angeles, I was out of the country and missed them. If, not which courses would you recommend to take that would be equivalent to the aforementioned.
    Thanks so much!!!

    • courtneyds says:

      I believe there will be another one in January 2012. Please check with Peak Potentials for information. Thanks!

  15. Jerome says:

    Can you give me a brief description of the difference between your , “Stock Ideal Business Seminar” in October in Las Vegas and the “Master Stock Trader” through Peak Potentials in November in LA. I plan on attending one of them, I’ve taken the FTI in LA and read your 4x book a couple of times.

    I’m really enjoying this stuff
    (Especially the money making part)

  16. Ayre says:

    Hi Courtney,

    I’ve bought your book and subscribted your forex website an i love it so much!. And plan on open Forex course this coming year in Asia? I live in Thailand but if you have a course near by the country i think i’d fly there to attend the meeting.



  17. kevin oshea says:

    Hi Courtney,
    I bought your upcoming Ideal Business Futures/Forex Seminar at the NWA in LA (12/1 – 12/4). You mentioned being able to track your trades for the period before the March 10-11 event. When will that commence and how can I access?
    thanks – K

  18. Charlotte Ayeni says:


    i attended the MMI seminar in Denver in November of 2011. I’m planning to attend the ‘Freedom Trader Intensive’ in LA on June 1-2 of 2012. In the meantime, I want to practice the concept you mentioned on the video. The concept was the inverse ETF; whereby you buy a single share if the market goes down. As well, the concept of buying the top 20 stocks of the previous month and holding for one month. The information went so quickly, I couldn’t get all the how tos. If you could furnish the basics, I would like to implement this concept prior to the course.

    Thanks, Charlotte

  19. Eugene Shostak says:

    Hi Courtney,
    I bought your upcoming Ideal Business Futures/Forex Seminar at the NWA in LA .
    I was wondering if I have to register for it or is that already done for me ?

    Thanks Eugene

  20. Rita Valentim Hutchins says:


    I’m registered to your seminar in Orlando October 4 and 5 2012. I did not see that posted on your upcoming events. I’m so happy about that course. Please tell me my registration (that I did at the MMI in Tampa last May) is ok and you are giving the course there. Thank you,

  21. Hi Courtney,
    My husband attended your 2 courses lately in may in London.
    He is very enthusiastic about the material you presented. He is coming to see you in october at the advanced course too.
    He is in his first month managing his stock portfolio. Everyday he is busy. In the beginning it takes more then 15 minutes of course 🙂
    He has made a little money already.
    I want to promote your trainings and seminars, because I think what you have to offer and the way you present it, can change the lives of many people.
    I teach people about their financial mindset. Something that has to be right before they want to start making more money.
    Do you have an affiliate program, so I can put a link on my website?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    Tineke Rensen

  22. Ray says:

    Hello Courtney,
    I am a fx-trading beginner, who enthusiastically read your great book on forex.
    I was wondering if you are planning any event in Toronto.

  23. Sasa says:


    I’d like more information about your upcoming event in Rome.


  24. Lawrence says:

    Good Day Mr Courtney,

    Are yours upcoming course How To Make A Living Trading held in Singapore
    is the same as The Ideal Business Seminar ? . Do the Seminar included the Mastermind Seminar ?

    Lawrence from KL

  25. Amos says:

    Hi Courtney
    I have enrolled for the How to make a living as a trader which will be held in South Africa in Oct 2013. Can you enlighten me on how the the funding from yourself will work as we progress after we start the training. How much money are we going to start with & how we it all work

  26. Charlene Montoya says:

    Hello Courtney,

    I registered for your Freedom Trader Intensive workshop in October 2012 through Peaks Potential at the MMI in Denver, CO.

    A lot has happened since last October, and I am now currently a Graduate Student for my Master of Finance in London, UK. I am extremely sad that I will not be able to attend your workshop in Los Angeles.

    Are you going to be hosting any other Freedom Trader Intensive Workshop or something similar in the near future? I am part of a Finance Club and Investment Club on my campus, and a lot of my classmates are interested as well.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,

    Charlene Montoya

  27. Ravi Rao says:

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I attended the National Achievers Conference at Bangalore and heard your talk on 21-Sep. I have registered for your boot camp planned for Jan 2015 and am awaiting details of this program.

    I am excited at the opportunity to take charge of my trades instead of relying on “advisors”. I am writing this to find out whether there is anything that I can do before the boot camp so that I can derive maximum value from your training.

    Thanks & Regards

  28. Sandeep says:

    Dear Sir,
    It was indeed a pleasure to attend your seminar in New delhi , i was highly impressed and would like to be your student and master this game of trading , but due to some date issues i could not enroll your Jan’14 2 day seminar . Is there any way by which i can enroll to your program now and pay the money .
    I would be indebted to you if we can find any way so that i become part of your exclusive club.


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