Why The Trump Pump Is Coming To An End

I look for the stock market to stall near current levels. Here’s why.

Enough already! Bull markets don’t grow to the sky. They need to take breathers every so often to rebuild value before rallying further. We are seeing the beginning of that dip right now. This is normal and should not be thought of as the beginning of a major bear market.

Seasonally, the market usually dips in early December and that is also happening right now. Normally, the market dips until about the middle of the month then shoots higher to the first week in January. I think that will happen this year.

Markets will start to reconsider the Trump Pump. Markets skyrocketed on ideas that Trump will put in pro-business policies like deregulation. New policies like that are certainly bullish.

But markets first go through a euphoria stage. But that is followed with a disappointment stage. The market gets disappointed that the new policies don’t happen right now and sell off. The market starts to look more critically and says that these policies are bullish but they make take years to implement all of them if they do actually implement them all. And so they get disappointed and sell stocks.

We are bound to go through such a period with Trump. It is very common and to be expected. That is how markets work.


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But after the disappointment phase comes the rational bull market. This is the bull market that is durable and long. This is where the serious money is made.

So look for a dip over the next 10 days then a sharp rally to the end of the year.

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