My Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following

I was interviewed by noted author Michael Covel on the subject of trend following.

First, I highly recommend his book and series of podcasts. He has done more than anyone in promoting the ideas of trend following than anyone ever. Please go to for more information about his books and podcasts. Once again, I highly recommend all of his material.

Trend following is the simply idea of identifying a trend and trading only in the direction of that trend. The basic concept goes back at least 100 years. Boiled down, you should only be long in a bull market, short in a bear market and stand aside in a neutral market.

To me, all trading comes down to being in sync with the market direction. To me, we must always be asking ourselves what is the market telling us to do. Is the market telling us to be long, then buy!

Trend following techniques are designed to identify what the market is telling us to do and then doing it. There is no ego involved. There is only looking closely at the market and getting in sync with it.

Virtually everything that I teach in my courses is about trend following, along with the psychology of trading and risk management.

You can listen to the podcast of my interview with Michael Covel by clicking here now.

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One Response to My Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following

  1. Fred says:

    That was an excellent podcast. I hope Michael does another podcast with you as you have such a wealth of experience to share with like-minded traders.


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