Trading Techniques Are Assets For Your Trading Business

I believe that trading is a business and should be treated as one.

 One of the keys to your trading success is understanding that your techniques are assets of your trading business.

Our trading business has really just three assets:

1. Money

2. Our brains

3. Our techniques


So our techniques are one of our key assets.

A profitable technique is like a business with a successful line of shoes. That line of shoes should continue to make us money for years.

Yet most people take that incredible asset and trash it. They don’t follow the rules. They don’t trade every day. They cherry pick instruments and trades.

In other words, they actively try to destroy that asset rather than nurture or grow that asset!


I’ll talk in other posts why I think that is but it never ceases to amaze me how little thought is given to this asset.

They would really pay attention to it if it was a regular business but they trash it in their trading business.

Your goal as a trader is to accumulate assets, all three of the ones listed above.

One of the amazing things is that you can create a legacy for your children with these trading assets. You can turn over your profitable technique to your children and let them build even more wealth!

You might say that your kids will never trade. They don’t have to! Turn over the trading to your broker and let them do it!

Stop and look at your trading business as a real business. You techniques are one of the key critical assets of that business.

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