Trading: Infinity War

I haven’t seen the latest Avengers movie. Crowds too big! Maybe this weekend I’ll go see it.

But I recently caught with the previous film, Avengers: Infinity War.

Frankly, it is way too long! Or maybe I don’t have the patience any more. Whatever…

But the title struck me as relating to trading.

I remember standing up in a trading room where I worked with 65 other traders. I looked around and realized that I was the third oldest trader in the room! I was 37 and the oldest person was 42!

I resolved right then that I wanted to trade until I could no longer type in ticker symbols. I wanted to keep trading until I was older than dirt. I didn’t want trading to be only for young people.

Well, I’m almost older than dirt now. I’m 67 and still trade every single day. I rarely miss a day. I have to be either very sick or on an overseas airplane trip.

And I really enjoy it. I view it as an Infinity War! I want to keep trading into Infinity!

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