Trading Boob Jobs

There is a lot of fakery in the investment training business.

I see so many ads for people teaching trading and they are just young whipper snappers. I think they have been trading for about a year.
Their experience is very limited. Many of them have never traded in a bear market. But they think their experience is vast and that they know everything.
They then sell you a training course or advisory service. Perhaps they tout their amazing track record. Perhaps they bet on the phone and put on the high pressure sales.
Then there are the people who actually don’t trade at all but present themselves as great traders! Basically they look at the investment or money information business and say “I’m gonna get me sum of that!”
So they put out a tremendous marketing and sales campaign and get a lot of customers. Of course, they are experts at marketing so the marketing campaign is fantastic. But they don’t know spit about trading of investing.
So their customers lose money. Oh, but it’s because you didn’t buy our super duper mentoring program! Just spend another $25,000 with us and everything will be great!
Of course, nothing comes with a money back guarantee. Or, if it does, they never actually refund your money.
These are investment boob jobs. Oh, by boobs, I mean a “foolish or stupid person”. What did you think I meant? 🙂
It’s best to learn from someone with real credentials and real experience and who actually does what he teaches.
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 Great Trading,  
Courtney Smith

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