Traders Life Post – What is SMUI?

What is SMUI?

I was highly influenced by a gentleman named Tom Marshall. He was an incredible innovator in so many ways. I read everything he wrote…until he disappeared. Nobody has seen him since. That was 40 years ago…

One concept he invented was SMUI, small mobile unit of intelligence. It was this concept that was one of the main reasons that I became a trader. Even in the 1970’s, the life of a trader was much more portable than other jobs or businesses.

Let me unpack Marshall’s concept of SMUI.

Small is the first word. The smallest unit is the individual. He was saying to operate as an individual not part of a big organization. The individual is the freest unit possible. It can go anywhere in the world much easier than other units.

“He who travels fastest, travels alone.”

An individual can be totally self indulgent which likely means that they are the happiest unit.

Interestingly, individuals are likely less likely to be preyed on by governments. They can shuck and jive because they are very flexible and mobile.

Having said all that, Marshall had a girl friend so he was a unit of two. Research has suggested that people in committed relationships are happier than people who are alone. Still, you get the idea. The smaller the unit, the greater the freedom.

Mobile is the second word in the phrase. Marshall believed that mobility was a way to increase freedom.

Let me give an example. I don’t live anywhere. I am globally mobile. I am treated like a king in virtually every country I go to. I have far more freedom than the local citizens. So mobility creates a freedom that few people in the world have.

Non-mobile people are sitting ducks for government and private predation. They can’t prey on you if they can’t find you!

The third key word is intelligence. Marshall felt that an intelligent person would always be able to make money anywhere in the world. And that intelligent person would be able to figure out to thrive no matter where they were.

The SMUI concept is one of my foundations of my trader’s life. The trader’s life is all about freedom. It’s about being able to live where you want, when you want, and with who you want.

The larger the organization, the less freedom it has. Being a Small Mobile Unit of Intelligence is a critical way to become free and that is the point of being a pro trader.

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