Trader’s Life NewsLetter:Where In The World Can I Trade?

The flippant answer is anywhere your little heart desires.

Which is almost true! But let’s be a bit more realistic.

First, you need to have an OK internet connection. It doesn’t have to be great but it needs to be OK. I’d say it needs to be over 1 MPS but preferably 5 mps or higher.

Most broker platforms and charting packages don’t require much bandwidth to work. Heck, nearly all brokers have phone apps that you can trade on!

My preference is to have the fastest speed possible but you don’t require it.

Occasionally, I will go to a hotel and they advertise high speed internet access but it isn’t. You can usually do three possible things to solve this problem.

First, ask to move rooms. Sometimes the WiFi gizmo is far from your room and they can move you to right next to is.

Second, plug in an Ethernet cable into your computer. You will likely need an adapter to do this but Ethernet is far faster and more reliable than WiFi.

Third, go to Starbucks! Free WiFi! Not fast but good enough. Hey, you need a cup of coffee anyway!

In the US, I always travel with a portable WiFi. It’s basically a cellular phone in a small square box. Usually works well wherever cell phones work well.

It is a bit of a luxury as it costs me about $80 per month but I feel more secure having it around. Particularly when I am in small towns with poor WiFi.

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