Tips On Getting The Most From All Your New Leisure Time

Imagine the sun waking you up. No alarm clock!

You throw back the blinds on your ocean-side condo. Another beautiful day.

This is the life of a pro trader. This can be your life.

Actually, the reality of nearly total freedom was disconcerting when I first did it. I had already retired twice but the third time was actually hard to do!

I had been working 16 hours a day for over 20 years. All of a sudden, I had nothing to do. I was a little dizzy and unfocused. I think the same thing happens to people who retire after a lifetime of working. So let me give you a few tips.

Create stuff to do. For me, I ended up starting to really read the news and learn more about trading, particularly the fundamentals. I developed models and back tested a million ideas.

The advantage of adding this work is that it increased my trading income! Double super whammy!

But you should find something productive to fill your time. It should be productive or else it will actually destroy you. Don’t watch TV all day.

A second tip is to be physically active. Walk everywhere instead of driving. I will decide to go to a movie. But I will walk to a theater that is a couple of miles away rather than one that is close by. I get some exercise, listen to a podcast, and stop and smell the roses.

A third tip is to be yourself. In the final analysis, being a pro trader is all about being who you REALLY are. You no longer have to know tow to a boss or customers. You get to be a good person all day long. You get to really release the incredible power inside you.

Go be that person!!!!

It took me time to really understand all the ramifications of being free when I stopped working for the Man and became an independent pro trader. It took me time to get into the rhythm. It took me time to get into the  true freedom.

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