Three Pillars Of Trading Success

There are three pillars of success for trading:

– Mindset

– Manage

– Moves

The first is the most important. You need to have the correct mindset. This mindset needs to allow you to make massive money. You need to overcome those things between your ears that stop you from making massive money. We have a great program at a very modest price call Psychology of Massive Wealth. You can learn more here.

The second is to manage risk. We must manage risk or it will manage us. Capital preservation is more important than capital appreciation. Don’t ignore this pillar!

The third are the moves you make in the market. You need to have a big toolbox of tools to make you money. The main thing is to have strong methods, systems and techniques that get you into trades at the best time and get you out at the best times. We have a new course coming up on November 18-19 on High Performance Stock Trading. Here, we will be taking your stock trading up 2X, 3X, and maybe even more! Imagine how much more money that would be!


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