This Famous Indicator Is Flashing A Major Sell Signal

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The oldest and best known trading method is flashing a major bear signal.

The Dow Theory was formulated over 100 years ago by Charles Dow. Basically, it says that industrial and transportation stocks should move in tandem. They should both go up and down at about the same time.

But they aren’t now.

The chart shows the Dow making new highs while the Transports are plunging. This massive divergence is a clear signal that the stock market will soon drop.

I believe this is an opportunity for us to make money.

But I also think you need to protect yourself from this drop!

I’ve put together a free webinar for August 7 at 11 am PT to show you:

  •  1. What I think is going to happen in the stock market.
  • 2. Why I think it will happen
  • 3. How you can protect yourself from the drop
  • 4. How you can make money from the drop

I will have a replay available but you have to register now to get the replay notice. Click here to register.

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