The Zoloft of Trading

I’ve been teaching how to trade for 10 years. I’ve seen my students make millions of dollars. I’ve seen people retire early. I’ve seen people quit their jobs and be financially free.

But there is one consistent complaint about some of the techniques I teach.

It’s boring.

And they are right!

The technique they are talking about is called Channel Breakout and it is boring. You will often get into a trade and still be in the trade months later. Nothing seems to happen. The trade just drifts along.

And then you wake up one day and realize that damn trade is making a lot of money!

You are bored but rich!

I’m teaching a live seminar on September 22-23 in Las Vegas where I will be teaching this incredible technique.

I’m also offering a fully paid scholarship to the event.

Click Here to apply!

I hope to see you there and make you rich but bored!

Click Here to apply. It is a very short application that will take perhaps 1 minute to complete.


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