The Trader’s Life

Imagine sitting in a cafe next to a sandy beach in Thailand with a cold beer at your elbow.

Imagine being in your private club in London with waiters bringing you food as you sink into a plush chair and look through the window at the park outside that allows only a few people access. And you have access because you are a member of the club.

Imagine sitting next to a pool in a 5 star hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia watching the kids play in the pool.

I’ve done all of this an more.

The life of a trader is all about choice. You can live wherever you want. You have freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want.

You can do it in your underwear or dress up as much as you want.

It’s about traveling and making money at the same time.

But you don’t have to travel the world. There is nothing wrong with staying in your current house.

Bruce Babcock was a great trader and a friend of mine. He died almost 20 years ago. He lived in Sacramento California and played tennis in the morning and golf in the afternoon.  He lived a great life yet never was in an exotic locale. He loved his situation.

And it was trading that got him that great life.

Many people say they want this kind of lifestyle but don’t take action to make it happen. They procrastinate and say they will do it tomorrow.

But your life is today. Tomorrow may never come. So take action today to achieve your dreams.

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