The Simplest Way To Make Money Investing

So many people struggle to make money investing. They just don’t make money. Is that you?

Isn’t it frustrating? You buy books and take courses and watch TV. But you still don’t make money.

What’s the problem?

For most people, they are fighting the market.

I was just talking to a student of mine. They wanted to buy a particular stock and they wanted to know my opinion.

I simply asked, “Is it a bull market?”

He said “No.”

I asked him why he would want to buy something that was in a bear market. You are fighting the market and that is a very very very hard way to make money.

Look at it this way. The price of the stock is going down. What is the market telling you to do? Buy or sell?

The market is clearly telling you to sell, not buy. Yet my student wanted to buy

He is fighting the market! Who do you think will win that battle? Exactly, the market will win just about every time!

The simplest way to make money investing is to do what the market is telling you to do. If prices are going up, buy. If prices are going down, sell. If they are going sideways then go do something else.

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