The Most Important Step In Your Trading!

The most important step is the first step!

I’ve taught thousands and thousands of people how to make money trading. Yet a big percentage never actually trade. They take the time and spend the money to come to my class and then never do anything.

This drives me nuts. I know that they will make money if they follow the Rules I teach. But they don’t.

So think about it. Let’s say they would make just $10,000 per year for the rest of their life. Let’s say they live 40 more years. That’s $400,000 they will never see! And that doesn’t count any compounding!

Lack of confidence is the usual reason. How can you overcome that? Here are two ways.

Get An Accountability Partner

Find another trader, preferably from one of my classes so you have the same knowledge. Get together at least once a week. Go over trades. Go over your emotions. Urge each other to keep going and follow the Rules

Get A Mentor

A mentor is even better because it will dramatically increase the time to profitability. A mentor can provide a number of very high values:

1. Encouragement

2. Focus

3. Knowledge

4. Nuance

5. Guidance


Options University has just relaunched their mentorship programs and they are amazingly powerful. Click here for info.


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