The Main Reason I Am A Trader

To be who I truly am.

Our WHOLE life is all about being someone else. Your parents, your school, your job. They all want you to conform to be a person you aren’t.

Who should you be right now? They all tell you to be someone else.

This causes a huge disconnect inside your psyche. Disconnecting from your true self causes pain, deep pain.

Many people become addicts. Many become self destructive. Many just medicate themselves with TV.

Many literally eat themselves to death.

Quick. Do a quick inventory. How much are you suffering because you cannot be the real person you are?

Trading can create a life where you don’t have to compromise who you really are. No longer will you check your true self at the door.

I know something about you. You are a good person. A kind person. You can accomplish great things.

But are you that person? Are you accomplishing great things?

Not really.

Because you have to do what the Man tells you to do. You have to compromise yourself to get along.

The hell with that.

I’m a trader so I can tap into the power of myself.

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