The George Costanza School of Trading…

I have been trading for 47 years. I have read a million books on trading. I have watched a million hours of analysts and portfolio managers talk on TV. And they nearly all say the same things.

Buy dips. This is perhaps one of the most constant refrains. You should buy dips.

Buy stocks when they go down. They are cheaper! They are on sale!

And, if they go down more, you should buy more! Your average purchase price will be lower! Dollar cost average!

But I think they are really Ph.D. grads of the George Costanza School of Trading. They are doing the exactly opposite thing to creating profits.

I’ve created a short fun video showing Lesson #1 of the George Constanza School of Trading. Click here to watch!

I think you will have fun with it

Click here on  the link.


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