The Breeze Is Warm And Beautiful

It’s Tuesday. I’m sitting outside at a Starbucks in Bonofacio Global City, BGC. I’m doing my trading here using their wi-fi.

I’m comfy in my chair tucked back from the street. It’s lunch time and people are hustling by me. They are purposeful. Sometimes they look a little tense.

But I made some money as I watched them go by.

There is a beautiful warm breeze across my bare arms. Do these people see how wonderful it is?

Last weekend, I was on the island of Lapu Lapu where Magellan was killed. I went to the Shangri-La resort there. I bought a day pass so I could get access to the beach. It was quite expensive but included an incredible buffet lunch. I weight many more pounds than when I arrived. The breeze was warm there too.

I’ll stay here for another week or two, then go to my adopted town of Singapore. After that, I might run to Hong Kong for a couple of days for business.

I expect the breeze will be warm and beautiful there too.


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  1. Bill Gardner says:

    ….aaah yes, the warm breezes of Financial Freedom!

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