The Big Alibi For Failure

“Markets are different now”
“Markets are so much more volatile now”
“You can’t time the market”

These statements are all false. They are alibis for failures.

Markets are the same as they ever were. The losers are saying that human nature has changed. Really? This is just nonsense.

The same people just simply don’t know the history of markets. Quick, show me a market character that has never happened in the past.

Study the history of markets and you will that every type of market that exists today has existed in the past.

Are markets more volatile now? Probably not. I would actually argue that they are less volatile!

You see, markets are deeper and more liquid than at any time in the past. More participants means less volatility.

They will tell you that you can’t time the market. What nonsense.

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Just look at the track record of trend followers. Here is a group of people who consistently beat the market through market timing. D they predict the market? No. But they make money by timing the market.

I’m one example. Timers Digest ranked me the top bond and gold trader for three years. Can anyone say that was luck? It’s possible but not likely. I came in second for three years as a stock market timer to Don Walanchuk who has consistently crushed the market as a timer.

The people who say that you can’t time the market should rephrase the statement to simply say that they can’t time the market. They shouldn’t project their ignorance and perhaps failure onto others.

One should never blame your trading failure on outside factors.

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One Response to The Big Alibi For Failure

  1. John Sushereba says:

    As an FTI attendee with much more to learn – I have nothing but respect and awe for Courtney!!!! I appreciate the insight presented in todays comments and I grasp what he is saying about the market nay-sayers. I am not trying to be critical here, or act like I know much. But there is a problem of surface validity or logical inconsistency to be a bit careful of in the presentation.
    Please note that two sentences state:
    “Markets are the same as they ever were.” and “Every type of market that exists today has existed in the past.”
    And only a few lines later:
    “You see, markets are deeper and more liquid than at any time in the past.”
    It can be misunderstood to suggest that the markets are exactly the same and that they are in some way, different then they have ever been.
    Well, enough said! I can not express enough gratitude for the constant, helpful efforts Courtney and staff put out for all of us. Please keep it up and know that we are (and I am) trying to grasp this “foreign language” (I work in Mental Health – devoid of investing wisdom!)

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