Sneaky Ways Professional Traders Use To Make Money

There are million sneaky things that pro traders do that amateurs don’t. That is one reason they are rich and amateur traders aren’t. It’s that simple.

It is very important that every trader shift their trading into high performance mode. In fact, you can increase your profits dramatically as you learn these sneaky tricks.

In a way, being a pro trader is learning sneaky tricks and expanding your toolbox of sneaky tricks.

I’ve spent 45 years learning them!

There are literally hundreds of sneak tricks. Here are some of them:

– Look at the size of the bids and asks to help determine the trend

– Look at how many trades are at the bid and how many at the ask to help determine the trend

– Look at TICK and TRIN for stock traders

– Look at how much volume has been traded at a particular price to determine upcoming pops and drops

– Look at sentiment indicators to determine when a market is about to top or bottom.

– Look at the seasonality of a particular stock to get the “odds” that a stock will rally or plunge.

– And many many more…

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