Scholarship a $3997 Stock class… Only a few left!

You want to be financially free. You want to be your true inner self.

But your current life is getting in the way. I’ve just put together a brand new course, Stock Financial Freedom System.

It is designed to get your money working for you 24 hours a day so you can relax 24 hours.

We have 2 course dates is coming up on, August 24-25 in Los Angeles, and Sept 14-15 in Las Vegas.

The normal price is only $3997 but, for a limited time, you are eligible for a fully paid for scholarship!

You just need to Click Here to learn more and apply.You will learn the 3 M’s:

  • Mindset. You will learn the psychology of massive wealth to allow yourself to make massive money.
  • Manage. You will learn how to manage your risk so it is no big deal.
  • Moves. You will learn how to quickly and easily identify only those few stocks that have the potential to gain 50%, 100%, and even more. Then you will learn when to buy and sell those stocks with surgical precision.

I urge you not to miss this opportunity to dramatically change your life for free if your scholarship application is accepted.

Click Here to apply. It is a very short application that will take perhaps 1 minute to complete.


Good trading,


P.S. Take a minute and fill in the application even if you are not sure if you can come. We may give this course in the future and your scholarship can carry over to the new class.

Click Here to apply now.

P.S. Obviously this scholarship deal won’t last. Check it out now Here.

Options University
WealthBuilder LLC

Options University 2310 Paseo Del Prado Suite A105 Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 United States (888) 464-8666

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