Persistent and Consistent

Listen to Courtney Speak about being persistent and consistent to become an extremely profitable trader!

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  1. kirk harney says:

    When I buy your system/training, I’m not getting only the techniques, the nuts and bolts of execution. I’m getting your years and years of experience and discernment. I’m buying the mistakes that you’ve learned from. I’m paying you for back testing. I’m getting your frank, honest talk about the realities of trading.

    I’m buying time.

    Every day I trade I realize more and more it’s all about the psychology and how consistently and persistently I can follow the rules you – and your contemporaries – have spent all these years creating, following and tweaking. My job is to make money – not think I know more about this than you do. You talk about it – there’s a few big moves a year and you MUST catch them. People – myself included – are impatient and it’s hard to “pound away” on the market. But the system gives us the tools to do just that – provided we have the “mental gas” to just keep using those tools…….

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