One of My Favorite Tools – Shoeboxed

Declutter with Shoeboxed!

I travel around the world and need to keep track of expenses for tax reporting. I have several problems. One is that I have is that my receipts come in different currencies. The second is that I hate to fill out expense reports. It is one of those things that just keeps slipping into tomorrow’s To Do list and never gets done.

Shoeboxed is the solution to both of these problems!

I now stuff my receipts into envelopes as I travel. Each envelope is one currency. This is where Shoeboxed comes in.

I send the envelopes to Shoeboxed in their postage paid envelopes. They then scan the receipts and create an expense report automatically!

I send only one currency in each envelope so each expense report is in just one currency and then I just do one currency conversion at the bottom of the report. Easy!

Everything is accessible online which is great and you can connect with your accountant or tax preparer.

You can have them destroy the receipts (The IRS accepts the scanned images.) or have them mail them back to you. Cool.

Shoeboxed is a great tool for my lifestyle. I highly recommend it!

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