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Ely Hydes’ father took him to every baseball park in the Major Leagues. Ely and his father loved baseball.

Ely took his glove to every game hoping to catch a fly ball. He took it to every game for decades.

He kept taking his glove because you never know. Every baseball fan lives to catch a fly ball. For a kid, it can be a dream come true.

But no ball was ever hit to him. No ball ever landed in his mitt.

Until Thursday…

Future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols jacked a solo home run in Comerica Park and Ely caught it.

But this was not just a solo home run, it was a historic home run. It was Pujol’s 2000 RBI making him only the third person in history to reach this milestone. He had done something that Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Mickey Mantle had not done.

So the overlords of baseball wanted to have Ely give them back the ball so they could put it in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. But Ely wouldn’t give it to them.

He had waited his whole life, with his glove on his hand, to catch a fly ball at a major league ball park. And now he had.

It was a dream for Ely and his dad.

So the baseball overlords offered his an autographed ball by Pujols. But he turned it down.

Then they offered him meetings with Pujols, jerseys, and even Miguel Cabrera memorabilia.

But he turned them all down.

Because he had caught a fly ball in a major league ball park. It was his dream. It was a dream he and his dad shared. So he is keeping the ball.

How many of us have our dreams come true?

A key way to have your dreams come true is to create an income that allows you to pursue your dreams without any interruption.

I am fortunate to live my dreams and I couldn’t have done it without trading.

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