She Needed the Money Fast!

She lived in Vancouver and needed to make money. Her husband got a gig as a DJ in Holland. But she had no visa to work. So she needed to make money without a visa.

She took a trading course from me that focused on futures and Forex.

In the first week of trading she doubled her account size!

She called me up in a panic! “What do I do with my positions?!”

I said, “Get out!”

The reason? She had about five times too much risk! She had all these forex pairs that were highly correlated. She got lucky and made a ton of money but she just as easily have lost a ton.

Hey, better lucky than smart.

She then settled down and started doing well from skill and knowledge rather than luck. She would make some money and then take it out of her account so she was always playing “with the house’s money”.

She was a cool customer after the original panic and just smoothly did well.

I rarely talk about the performance of my students because then I have to say the following: Past results are not necessarily indicative of futures performance. Trading entails risk. Only trade with money you can afford to lose. Results are not typical and you may never make money at all and might even lose money. So be careful.

But I like her story. It is inspiring to me that a person with no background in trading could basically turn it on become a pro trader.

I’m telling the story because we are offering a course that included some of the techniques that she used in her trading.

You can get some free training about these techniques here: Stock Success School next one coming on February 4-5, 2017.

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