Mega Moves

Peter Brandt pointed out to me that there are around 8-12 mega moves per year. A mega move is any move that will make you $5-10,000 on the move. He said to me that his goal every year was to only do those trades. He thought that the ideal year would be that he only traded those trades.

Of course, in the real world we can’t just trade those mega moves. We will have other trades that are losers and other trades that will be small winners.

He felt that a year where he did, say, 25 trades in a year but caught all or nearly all of the mega moves would be a highly doable and highly profitable campaign.

Ou focus should always to make these mega moves. They can create wealth that changes our life. Yes, we will have other trades. Some winners. Some losers. But these other trades will not net to anything that will change our lives. The mega moves will change our life.

You may have problems with catching the mega move. Do you feel in your heart of hearts that you deserve to make mega money? Do you get out of your trades too soon to make the mega money? Do you have an entry and exit strategy to ensure that you will be in the mega moves?

Examine your trading. Are you cashing in on the mega moves or is this massive money passing you by?

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