Massive Rally In Gold Coming Now?

There is a potential massive rally in gold coming up. The potential is so huge that I wanted to share it with you right away.

I co-wrote my first book in 1980 on seasonal price tendencies. Seasonals are repetitive price patterns that occur at the same time every year.

We are now coming up to the most important time of the year for gold. Prices rally about 90% of the time in August!

Take  look at the chart. The blue line shows what the price of gold has done so far this year. The black line shows the expected seasonal price movement. As you can see, the price has followed the seasonal pretty well.

But the killer is the how the black line shoots up in just a few short weeks. That shows that the price of gold normally shoots up strongly.

You can invest in gold through stocks, options, futures, and CFDs.

I’m going to be looking for any sign of strength starting in about a week as a buy signal.

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