Know Thyself

 I am a trader.

Let me repeat, I am a trader.

The key word in that statement is “I”. You are the most important part of being a success in trading. It’s not the size of your bankroll or which broker you use or even the techniques that you use. Nope. It’s you.

The largest factor in your trading success is you.

People spend thousands of dollars and even lose hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn about trading techniques. But those techniques are not that important.

You are important.

People will spend hundreds of hours learning how to use their trading techniques and their trading platform. But how much time and money are you investing in You? Aren’t you the most important factor in your success? How much time and money are you investing in learning about your most important tool?

Know thyself!

Examine yourself deeply. Understand your motivations. Understand what really drives you in your trading.

It is possible to be a successful trader without knowing yourself but you are in the position of having to move a mountain with your hands. It is better to deeply understand yourself before you actually risk money.

Don’t shirk looking at yourself honestly. We all have warts. Know yours. After all, who knows you better than you do?

Your personality and character will be the most important factor in your success. Do not underestimate this.

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2 Responses to Know Thyself

  1. Dong says:

    Thank you Courtney – you PREACHED IT yet again!
    What you said is truly inspiring. And now having followed your trading system for some time, I can FEEL what you’re saying is true – about working on me, as a person.

  2. kirk harney says:

    I am the casino!!!

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