Klaatu barada nikto

So says the famous saying in the 1951 movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still.
The alien protagonist of the film, Klaatu, tells the female lead that she should say that phrase to the robot Gort if anything bad happens to Klaatu.
We actually never know what it means!
I often think that the market is saying klaatu barada nikto to us every day and we simply don’t understand it!
We read the news and but the market goes in the opposite direction to what we expect. We look at a chart and it is just a jumble of nonsense.
Then they tell us to add in indicators like Fibonacci or stochastics and then it is even more confusing not clearer.
Yet there is an order to what appears to be chaos. The market does have an internal compass. The market is actually very predictable if you are shown what to look for.
You would be lost if you were set into a wilderness forest. But you would very easily find your way back to civilization if you had been shown how to read the trees and sky and water and what to do in the wilderness.
I put together a high level class to do exactly that. To show people how to “read” the market and not get lost.
The course is called Holistic and you can get information about it


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