Is This The Crash Of 2019? Urgent Message!

The Dow dropped over 400 points. It this the beginning of the Crash of 2019?


Here are two important reasons why not.

There has never been a crash in a bull market ever. In history.

Let me repeat: there has never been a crash in a bull market in history.

Crashes occur at the END of bear markets! Crashes are the final capitulation of the bulls when they finally give up and sell.

The second critical reason is that ll crashes have been preceded by a flat or negative yield curve ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE!

We recently saw the difference between short and long term interest rates get to a negative yield curve. That means there will be a crash in about a year but not now.

In other words, there are no preconditions that would lead to a crash right now.

Nonetheless, I have created a precise road map about what is going to happen in the next 30 days. I also will be updating that road map every week.

Most importantly, I have specific actionable trade recommendations that I think will make massive profits in this sharp downtrend.

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Good trading,

Courtney Smith

Wealthbuilder LLC
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