Incredible Weekend with Freedom Trader Intensive!

I just did the most amazing seminar over the weekend with over 600 people! This event was organized by Peak Potentials and will be duplicated in Orlando in a couple of weeks. It was fantastic! The people there were unbelievable! There was such a great energy!

I highly recommend signing up the the next Freedom Trader Intensive coming up. Check it out at the Peak Potentials site!

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21 Responses to Incredible Weekend with Freedom Trader Intensive!

  1. Howa says:

    It was awesome! What an interesting speaker! Myself and all my friends in the audience had a blast learning and gaining certainty in our ability to succeed at winning in our financial life. Thanks for unlocking the mysteries of the market and making it a game you can win at instead of a dangerous jungle only the chosen few can navigate! Wall Street has been made mysterious for a reason, and you pull pack the veil of mystery and give the control back to us. Thanks Courtney!

  2. Bridget says:

    This was the best ever. Courtney is a great speaker and has more heart than I have ever seen from the stage Thanks, Courtney

  3. Joe says:

    Courtney, the course was amazing!! I’ve opened my brokerage account and I’m in the process of transfering my and my wifes IRA’s. Can’t wait to get access to the website and put into practice what you’ve shown. Looking forward to telling you my success in the next few months. Thanks again for everything!

  4. Guan says:

    Courtney, I know if I stick to your system I will succeed. Excited to implement what I learned and share my success a year from today. Thank you, thank you.

  5. Norma says:

    Courtney, the seminar was amazing!!! I learned so much, you explained everything in such simple terms and you were so funny too!! Can’t wait for the training material to get started. I already open my broker account and I am currently doing paper trading just to get familiar with putting my orders.

  6. Yossi says:

    The seminar was amazing. I was there with my wife, and we enjoyed every moment of it. Courtney, you are an amazing speaker, and your patience for answering questions of all levels is something you don’t often find with speakers.
    We are both very excited to start practicing what we’ve learned.

    However, one shadow over that. We were told that there is no need to take notes. We thought that the material will be made available for us either as workbooks, or videos. It’s been a week now, and the Peak Potential support people tell us that the material will probably be available only after the Orlando seminar. As we are missing information and tools that were discussed in the seminar and were new to us, our excitement and the freshness of materials from the seminar is declining every passing day that we’re waiting for that stuff to be available. Would have been much more effective to have either workbooks or videos with the material ready at the time of the seminar, so we can go over it and put our excitement into practice as soon as we desire to.

  7. cait says:

    is this course open again next year? We have a newborn and can’t go this month, but definitely in the near future if it is offered again.

    • courtneyds says:

      You need to check with to find out. It is there product, not mine. But I suspect they will do it again! Thanks!

  8. Ian says:

    Wow, what a weekend. My future looks bright. Thx Courtney.

  9. I enjoyed this course very much. I took the time to write my notes in an orderly manner….step 1, step 2 etc. I opened a brokerage acct that charges per share. I signed up for and pulled off my first IBD 50. Then went to Yahoo finance and analyzed them. I am looking forward to understanding everything better. You did a great job teaching us. I enjoyed the weekend a great deal. I would recommend this class. I am a changed person.

  10. Susan says:

    I agree, it was a very informative weekend. I also am looking forward to the videos and manuel promised since I don’t understand some of the notes I did take. Also, how do we access the website mentioned on your call with T Harv Ecker and promised to those who attended your FTI? You and Harv both said you would be putting your trades up on a website so we can see what you’re doing every day.
    Looking forward to making lots of money.

  11. Steve says:

    WOW! What a weekend that was with the Master of trading! My wife and I are sooooo excited about the things we learned at the FTI seminar in LA. We have already switched our IRA’s out of mutual funds to cash so we can start trading. I have set up my account with ProRealTime & IBD and have been working with them to get a better understanding of what they do. Thanks for the manual but it kind of needs a little more in the way of explaining how you actually find some of the tools referred to in it when doing the programming. Looking forward to signing up for “Following the Trader” part. Thanks Courtney!

  12. Joe Alvarez says:

    Courtney, I received the ProRealTime Manuel to set up all charts. I don’t know how to get the 20 day and 55 day moving average on the price chart. I don’t see any instruction on the manuel. Any help would be appreciated. Also, is it too late to sign up for the “follow my trade” course you had offered at the FTI seminar.

  13. Hengsheng Lin says:

    Hi Courtney:
    Thank you for your seminar! I have a difficult time to set up 55 day and 20 day channels. in Can you get me a direction?

  14. Cesar Rolon says:

    Just took the course this week in Orlando. Thank you for putting us who attended in the infinite path to financial success. Like Courtney says “Simply Follow The Rules.”

  15. MD says:

    Attended the training in Orlando over the weekend…there was mention of a webinar this evening but I have not yet received a link to or details for the webinar…please advise…

  16. Sonia says:

    Hi Courtney,

    The seminar was the best. I was so glad that you allowed taping the course, because of its intensity I missed some material. I also tried to do codes in ProRealTime, but somehow my screens still do not look anything like yours. I guess, I need to email you that question, as I emailed it to Marchel and never heard back.

  17. Kyle Battis says:

    Courtney – you rock my man! I have been to literally over a hundred seminars on a variety of marketing, internet marketing and self improvement topics and your FTI seminar was hands-down one of the best seminars I have ever been to! PS -I am already making money from what I’ve learned so I am pretty darn excited!! thanks again!

  18. Heinz says:

    Hi my freedom trader friends,

    Any suggestions for a new guy attending the course. Any response will be appreciated.

    Can’t wait to go to LA

    Wish you all a lot of success


  19. herman ocasio says:

    Have received any webinar info since the October Freedom trader intensive in Orlando. A fantastic seminar my hat is off to you and your team Courtney. A true star and presentation. Thank you and my family thanks you :).

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