I’m Homeless!

It’s true. I’m homeless. I have no place to live.

I don’t own a house. I don’t rent a house. I’m homeless.

I have a car. But not a home.

I don’t know where I’ll stay a month from now. I’m homeless.

OK, OK. I live in hotels. Often 5 Star hotels!

I travel the world, trading and enjoying my life. But, technically, I’m homeless!

Occasionally I stay with a friend. But mainly I live in hotels.

Sometimes I go to exotic locations where there are no 5 Star hotels so I have to stay in 3 Star hotels. Tough life.

I’ve been homeless for about 4 years. I got rid of my last owned property in 2007 and shut down any rented properties 4 years ago.

I took to the road. I started traveling all over every continent but Antarctica. Much of my travel was whimsical. Where should I go now? That sounds good!

My dream since I was a teenager was to travel, write, and trade. I do that now.

I always have to stop and smile a little when people ask me where I live!

Being homeless is not for everyone. Maybe you have stable responsibilities like a job or children or an aged parent. I get that. I totally understand.

But I know that being homeless, for at least part of the year, is a dream of most of you. You want the freedom to travel where you want and when you want.

Sit down and plot out your life being homeless. Where would you go? Would you base in one place or be fancy free?

This can be one of the most important benefits of being a trader. You too can become homeless once you get to a certain level of trading income.

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  1. Constance Omoregbee says:

    I understand your freedom. I desire to be free from the burdensome non ending bills.
    Courtney, remember you promised to come to my country. I am working on finishing on finishing my Home. By God’s grace, it can happen next year. You will have a Home we you visit, and help me educate my people too.

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