I Collect Moments not Money!

I had invited real estate investor Greg Pineo to speak at one of our Family Reunion events.

His speech was amazing!

He was able to mix information and entertainment tremendously. His hiking story was mesmerizing!

Please check him out at thecorco.com

But one of the things he said was that he collects moments not money.

What a great saying!

I have lived in the world of money my whole working life. I love it!

But money is a tool. It can be a good tool or a bad tool. But it is just a tool.

Money can help Greg collect moments so he can go do amazing things.

But we can do amazing things in our back yard.

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor.

Rich is better.

It give more freedom and choices.

But we can have amazing lives without it.

I go to many third world countries all the time. I see really poor people. I mean really poor. But they smile every day.

Go collect moments…and money!

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