How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Stock Market Drop

I’m looking for a drop in the stock market soon. (check out my free webinar next Monday by clicking here.)

You are probably long stocks right now. I know I am.

But I’m not afraid of a dip for two reasons.

First, I will protect my portfolio by buying drop insurance. This can be done a couple of different ways. I’ll be explaining how on my FREE webinar next Monday at 11 AM PT. You can register here now.

Second, I will sell short certain instruments or even buying things that will make money when the market goes down.

Most people are afraid of the market going down. I look at it as an opportunity to take profits on my current profitable long positions and as an opportunity to make money on the short side. Don’t know what “short side” means? Then register for the free webinar coming up next Monday.

We will be sending out a replay link if you miss the webinar but you have to register by  clicking here!

See you there!

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