How To Have More Trading Income In 2019

One of the best ways to increase your trading income in 2019 is to learn how to do covered calls.

What are covered calls?

Covered calls is an option strategy where you buy 100 shares of stock and sell a call option.

You end up with a position that has less risk than the stock market but can make much more money. How is that possible?

The reduced risk is easy to understand. You are long stock which means you make money when the stock goes up. But you are also short a call which makes money when the stock goes down.

This means you are hedged. You have something that makes money when the stock goes up and down. So your risk is sharply reduced.

But didn’t you just decrease the profit potential also?

Amazingly, no!

The trick is to buy only stocks in bull markets and to sell only over valued call options.

You can make up to 100% annualized by doing exactly this! With less risk than the stock market.

I have a specific process I use to create these high reward low risk trades. I call it Courtney’s Covered Calls because I’m the only one with this exclusive process

Would you like to learn it?

For Free?

I’ll be teaching it at my upcoming Options Success Schools coming up in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

I’m gifting scholarships to this $4000 training but you have to apply here now .

I’ll reveal my exactly rules for creating this very special trade.
Good trading,


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