How Playing Pinball Helped Me Make Massive Money

I used to play a lot of pinball in my wasted youth. But it turns out that playing pinball actually became part of the reason that I became a successful trader!
I read an article about a master pinball player. The guy had won multiple tournaments. He was unbelievable.
He was asked how he did it. What was his secret? How did he play so much better than anyone else?
He explained about how it took 1/4 second for him to see the ball, perceive what the movement of the ball meant, process what he should do based on the movement of the ball, and then transmit that information down through his arms to his fingers.
So he said that he concentrated not on the ball but where the ball would be 1/4 second later.
By concentrating on where the ball would be in the future, he got his brain and body in sync with the reality of the ball whereas everybody else was focusing on where the ball was now and were therefore 1/4 of second behind reality.
This blew my mind.
First, it improved my pinball game tremendously.
More importantly, it changed my life.
I now began to see how I had to live in the future in order to live in the hear and now. Looking at the present was actually living in the past.
This forced me to always be looking down the road. What was coming next?
This lead me to always be planning for what might happen. So I am rarely surprised by the markets because I have already considered the most probably futures.
Once I have planned for possible futures, I then create trading strategies based on those projections. I put in my orders based on those probabilities.
This makes trading calm. No anxiety because we have an idea of the future and our orders are entered. No need to make decisions under pressure.
I’ve put together a new course to teach more about the psychological tricks of the trade for a trader. It’s call The Psychology of Massive Wealth and you learn more here.
Please check it out. I think you will learn a lot and make more money!
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