How Options Brokers Rip You Off!

Have you ever put in an order for buying or selling an options contract and you got a terrible fill?

I hate options brokers! I feel that I am at war with them! Don’t you?

It seems like the broker is sitting there saying, “Here comes another sucker!.” every time I put in an order.

Or perhaps you have gone to trade an option and the bid/ask spread is $1.00 wide. Rip off!

I found an options advisor with what appeared to be an amazing track record. I subscribed to his newsletter and went to put in an order on the first trade. The spread was $2.00 wide!

The next day, the newsletter said they got filled at a price that would have been extremely hard to get.

It turns out that advisor’s track record was completely bogus. You never would have got those prices in the real world. The options broker would be taking all your profits from you. There is nothing left for you!

The problem is worse if you trade more than 5 contracts. You see, all orders under 5 contracts are executed by a computer. But the market maker gets to change the bid/ask spread on you if you put in an order greater than 5 contracts. More rip off!

Can you overcome this and get all the goodies that come from trading options. Can you really make a pile of money in options?


I’m having a 2 day live seminar on October 7-8 in our Las Vegas classroom. I’m going to show you how to overcome the brokers but, more importantly, how you can potentially make a ton of money trading options.

I will be revealing some of my favorite techniques for trading options.

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